For contracts that give you less risk, more opportunities and greater control

Imagine this.

The deal is almost done, the future looks bright.

But you have a doubt. Are you as protected as much as you could be?

Of course you are.

You just need an expert to draft agreements that will make sure your future working relationship with your customers and suppliers will be profitable for all.

I believe your legal agreements should be so good that you know where you’re going, your terms are clear and you stay in control at all times.

Work with me and you’ll get:

  1. 20 years’ experience as a commercial solicitor in a City law firm, local and national government and higher education. I draft, negotiate and advise on all types of commercial contract in technical fields.
  2. No staff and nothing is subcontracted. You’ll work with me from beginning to end. I won’t hide behind email and I will return your calls.
  3. No templates. Contracts are written from scratch every time so they’re personal to you.
  4. A fixed price. The meter isn’t running.
  5. Specialist knowledge. I only work with science, IT and tech businesses and have extensive knowledge and experience in those fields.

It’s important to have good legal documents, especially in the early stages of development. It could save you a lot of trouble and heartache in the future.

I’ve made a habit of achieving favourable outcomes by drafting and negotiating commercial contracts and preventing intellectual property disputes and employment law issues that often arise down the line.

Would you like to develop legal frameworks and solutions that help you grow but at the same time reduce your risk?

Call 01904 899794 now and look forward to trouble-free contracts that will make sure you and your partners work together in profitable relationships for the long term.