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As a Digital Enterprise, when you develop websites and software, you’ll be working with a range of people and businesses.  It’s best to set the terms of those relationships in well-written agreements that set out the way you do business so there are no nasty surprises further down the line.

Choose from any of these packages to help you come to clear and well-defined agreements with suppliers and clients that will stand the test of time and ensure any problems are sorted quickly and satisfactorily.

Web Design and Development Software Development
  • Web design and development agreement
  • Web design and development terms and conditions
  • Consultancy agreement
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Assignment of rights in website
  • Assignment of rights in software
  • Software Development Agreement
  • Software Licensing Agreement
  • Software Support and Maintenance Agreement
  • Non-disclosure Agreement
  • Software download terms and conditions
From £650 (plus VAT) From £750 (plus VAT)

Of course, these packages are just the start.

Can’t find what you want?

If you can’t find what you want here or just want a single document written, call 01904 899794 to get started. Together, we’ll make sure that your business is covered for any problems.

Spread your costs with our Annual Service Package, and you’ll also get:
  • Two half-day sessions each year in your offices for training, support and document reviews.
  • 20% discount on all invoices and no charge for any amendments you make to documents we prepare during our time together.
  • Two working lunches with up to two guests to discuss your challenges and find solutions to them.
  • One guest blog each month on the Technical Terms website to promote your services.
  • 40% discount on all training events.
Five Star feedback option


£200 (+VAT) per month.  Minimum term 12 months. 1 month free if paid in advance.  Terms and conditions apply.