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When you run a business, dealings with your people are all important – whether it be shareholders, employees, or third parties such as consultants.  People make a business what it is.

You’ll probably want those relationships to be on your terms. A well-drafted set of documents that set out terms you are happy with will go a long way towards making sure everyone works together well.

Choose from any of these to get started with agreements that will help you run your business smoothly and make sure that any issues are resolved quickly.

The Key Players The Team The Wider Picture
Shareholders Agreement
Directors Contracts of Service
Employment Contracts
Consultancy Agreements (individual providing services)
Consultancy Agreements (services provided by limited company)
Package starting from £500 (plus VAT) £650 (plus VAT) £850 (plus VAT)

Of course, these packages are just the start.

Can’t find what you want?

If you can’t find what you want here or just want a single document written, call 01904 899794 to get started. Together, we’ll make sure that your business is covered for any problems.

Spread your costs with our Annual Service Package, and you’ll also get:
  • Two half-day sessions each year in your offices for training, support and document reviews.
  • 20% discount on all invoices and no charge for any amendments you make to documents we prepare during our time together.
  • Two working lunches with up to two guests to discuss your challenges and find solutions to them.
  • One guest blog each month on the Technical Terms website to promote your services.
  • 40% discount on all training events.
Five Star feedback option




£200 (+ VAT) per month.  Minimum term 12 months. 1 month free when paid annually in  advance.  Terms and conditions apply.