Consultancy AgreementsConsultancy Agreements

Consultancy covers many things – from short-term two-week assignments to year-long projects, if not more. What’s the best framework to cover these kinds of working relationships? Consultancy agreements work very well for one month, two months or longer when you want someone to sort a specific problem for you.

Is it a permanent contract?

Some fairly high profile cases have shown that some employers see them as a way to avoid contracts of employment and to get round the more stringent tax, National Insurance and employment rights requirements.  They employ ‘consultants’ who work for their own limited company with just one client.  They are really employees in disguise.

Quite rightly, HMRC becomes suspicious and challenges those that push the line between consultancy and employment too far.

We know how to make consultancy agreements that reflect your commercial realities and show that they are not employment contracts by another name!  Nobody can guarantee that HMRC won’t challenge you but we’ll make sure your agreements are structured in a way that will give you a fighting chance if they ever do.

In Summary

You need to work together in the knowledge that you have the right agreement for your relationship that’s unlikely to be challenged and means you’ll be able to work together for as long as it suits you to do so.

To get a consultancy agreement in place that reflects your commercial realities and best protects you and your partners from administrative headaches, call 01904 899794 to get started.