ConfidentialityConfidentiality Matters

Confidentiality is a constant concern for any business in technology and innovation. How do you keep your information confidential?

You will necessarily work from time to time with people and institutions outside your immediate circle. Some of that will involve you disclosing aspects of your business that you wouldn’t want to become public knowledge.

How can you discuss your new invention with a potential manufacturer before a patent application has been filed? Or how do you protect your pricing policies and trading terms from prying eyes?

Protect your commercially-sensitive information

A well-drafted confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement will protect your commercially-sensitive information and mean you won’t need to worry about it getting revealed.

Should the worst happen, it’ll mean you’ll get sufficient redress. It’s in effect, a legal obligation on those with whom you share your information to keep a secret.

You’ll be able to set out what anyone who receives privileged information does with it and the penalties should it ever fall into the wrong hands.

In Summary

Confidentiality agreements enable you to work with partners in the full knowledge that only the information you want to let out gets out.

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