Dealing with CustomersDealing with Customers

Your reputation for dealing with customers is central to your business, so it’s best to get things on the right foot before you start. Misunderstandings can quickly escalate and develop into full-blown rows.

Problems usually centre around complaints – quality, inadequate descriptions or the services you provide – or around payment terms.

But there’s no reason for these to be an issue.

Customer contracts set expectations for both parties

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create a framework to keep your customers happy all the time?

  • Set out expectations or descriptions clearly in a contract as objectively as possible quoting industry-recognised specifications to reduce the volume of groundless complaints.
  • In order to avoid anguish over money, have agreements in place that provide for staged payments at agreed milestones or, where necessary, upfront payment. Of course, final deliverables should never be released until payment has been made in full.

If you deal with consumers as well as businesses, you’ll need contracts that comply with the consumer protection legislation. In short, that means greater rights for them and fewer for you. That said, a well drafted consumer contract will contain several key clauses to ensure your interests are protected. These can include:

  • A comprehensive description of your product or service.
  • How much the product or service will cost and how and when payment will be made.
  • When and how the product or service will be delivered.
  • Any warranties or indemnities which apply.
  • The insurance provided with the goods.
  • Remedies for either party’s breach of the agreement.

Contracts enable your business to run smoothly

Creating a consumer contract may not sound like the most exciting element of doing business but, if you want things to run smoothly, an agreement that complies with the requirements of the consumer protection legislation is essential. Not only will it provide a document for you and your customer to refer to should a dispute arise, it demonstrates you are a professional organisation with reliable processes and procedures in place.

In Summary

Isn’t that exactly the type of business you would want to work with? Put yourself on a firm footing in the first place to move forward with confidence.

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