Intellectual Property AgreementsWhat are intellectual property agreements?

Well, there comes a point when you develop a new product or service that you need outside help. That may be to take it from design to concept, from concept to production or from production to market.  Your first thought will be to protect it from copycats. You own what you’ve created – intellectual property. Intellectual property agreements provide the mechanism for doing just that.

Whatever ‘vehicle’ you use for exploiting it – assignment, licensing, franchising, distribution, joint-venture/spin-out – you can protect it.

Many a would be entrepreneur has developed a groundbreaking product or service only to have it copied by someone bigger or quicker off their feet.

Without intellectual property protection there’s very little to be done apart from feel bitter and angry.

In Summary

Make sure you have the right agreements in place with partners you trust that can help you get to market with as little hassle as possible.

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