Software Development AgreementsSoftware Development Agreements

No two software projects are the same, in terms of scope, aims and objectives. Client demands and methodologies vary, but there are central challenges that need to be dealt with. They’re covered in Software Development Agreements.

We need to ask questions about the design and development process like:

  • How do you set out the specification?
  • What process will you use?
  • How will the client be involved and what is the timescale for the project?

Software Development Agreements should cover the full development lifecycle

When you get into the details, You need to consider how do you deal with:

  • Testing – all modern software development is tested, how will you integrate the process into your agreement?
  • Intellectual property rights and licensing – how will you protect yourself from copies?
  • Software installation and integration – who will install your software? You or your client?
  • Warranties and indemnities – how will you divide the risk involved between you?
  • Support – what kind of support will you provide?
  • Maintenance services, updates and upgrades – we live in a fast-changing world. That means your software will probably need upgrading sooner than you think. How will you manage that process?
  • Termination – for whatever reason a contract ends, termination has to be handled carefully. The consequences could be complicated and serious.
  • Disputes – No-one wants a dispute, and the main aim of a Software Development Agreement is to avoid them. However, they are sometimes unavoidable. How will you manage them?

We’re experienced in both Agile and Waterfall methodologies and which projects are best suited to either.

In Summary

Software Development Agreements protect your interests and the partners you are working with. They set out frameworks for you to work together in a spirit of cooperation that just works.

To get your personalised agreement, call 01904 899794 now and see how we can give you peace of mind and help you deliver your project to the satisfaction of all.